Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Restaurant Map for St. Maarten and St. Martin

(Subtitle: when it takes a friend to nudge you in the right direction...)

Et Voila! After almost 2 1/2 years of thinking about creating an embeddable map of all St. Maarten and St. Martin restaurants that we feature on the DineSXM website, here it is....
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  1. Norbert,

    I posted the map on one of my sites here:
    http://www.stmaartenisland.com/. It would great if when a user clicks on any of the restaurant details that you opened a new browser window so that my window remains open. No big deal but I have lots of clients on that page and I would like the window to remain open.

    Paul Corsi

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  3. Wow..!!Thanks for posting this map,it would surely help a lot for those who are planning to visit in St.Marteen,i love to visit the place..!
    Good job.!!

    restuarant st pete

  4. Kristen, you should get in touch with Larry @ http://www.dinesarasota.com

  5. works terrific. I'll monitor how much traffic hits on the map each month

  6. markers hard to select - a bit crowded
    suggest you put a search for users - so they can search by type of cuisine, popularity etc and in this way limit the crowding.
    Would be good if crowded location had an exploded view like how google-earth does it.
    Or if the map had zoom in capability which would show the markers in clearer perspective relative to their location
    Also would be good to have something like DIRECTIONS---so people could see how easiest to get there from wherever they are staying (in particular for visitors)

  7. Hi John, thanks for your comments!

    You can zoom in by clicking the + button or by double-clicking anywhere on the map. That will make it less crowded for you. In fact, the 'DineSXM' map zooms in one level higher than the Google satellite view :)

    The map you see here is just that - a map - it's only meant to give a general overview that can be embedded by other websites. Visit http://www.dinesxm.com to search by cuisine, popularity and other attributes.

    Directions? On a small island like St. Maarten / St. Martin you should follow the main roads. LOL!


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